Ep. 167 - We're Obviously Great; Some would say, mammoth.


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Ernie Ball Music Man Dustin Kensrue Stingray RS (stab: Bogner Oxford)

  • Modified version of the Stingray RS, such as a stacked volume/tone pot and a relocated selector switch
  • HS configuration, “hot vintage” pickups. Middle of the road rock and roll
  • Mahogany body, maple neck, 22 stainless steel frets, satin finish, locking tuners. 25.5” scale.
  • Push/push button on the pickguard toggles between normal guitar operation and bypassing the controls to a stereo cable.
    • The guitar is stereo. Using a Y cable, you can send each pickup to a different destination.
    • Dustin uses Helix live and this allows him to create patches that also control the pickup selection on his guitar. One into the guitar input, the other into the FX loop return.
    • Expression can blend between the two pickups, or you can use a block on/off to switch
  • $2600

The Genie

Thirty 7 Effects Fat Guy Little Coat Fuzz (stab: Lovepedal high power tweed)

  • Made by our very own Doug Christ!
    • Hand-built effects from Fairhaven, MA

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