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This week podcast hosted by Sean Price of Velez Managed Services is with Mark Averill Co- Founder at ‘AV IT Media.

"If England win, I’m giving everyone the day off”- Sean talking about the England vs Germany match and how it was a major win for England.

From talking about internal struggles to past job roles making you feel like you are in a rat race struggle. Hearing about the differences in customers and how they treat you as an individual. Mark reveals when he was working in sales for a BMW garage he had car keys thrown at him, he had ex derby players wives throw tantrums and make immediate demands.

“If you do a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life”

Can you remember the last internal event you attended in person?

Later on down the line we talk about Marks time with The Derby Conference Centre, speaking about Marks hobby and passion for videography and photography becoming his work, mentioning while he was doing Sales at the DCC he spent some time broadening his own network speaking to clients about doing video shoots for them. As Sean and Mark speak about Marks career, they mention how the automotive industry is very close knit allowing him to be in the same network as hundreds of potential clients. Looking at how Covid-19 and the pandemic has made the industry flourish since people cannot go on a holiday abroad, Mark has seen there have been an increase in car sales but is still weary of how long that may last for as we have seen this past two years be extremely unpredictable.

We also hear the a videographers perspective of going to events like weddings and festivals with lots of consumption of alcohol but being the sober camera man watching everything unfold and catching certain situations on film. Mentioning a current topic of Matt Hancock's resignation from Health Minister.

“We are all living in a world where attention is finite now”

In this episode Sean asks Mark about the challenges of this year and the pandemic, hearing that many events have been postponed or cancelled. Having the potential to really damage Mark’s business, as he recalls April and May this year everything went silent with events and shoots. Since AV IT Media do photo and video shoots at majority of events in the East Midlands we hear about how its effected the business and how its effected Mark. However, its not all doom and gloom, to our surprise its revealed that AV IT Media has grown substantially within the past 6 months with the football back and many events opening back up.

“Our hashtag is lets have it and that’s what we live and breathe by”

Mark and Sean also get into the discussion of schools and the educational system not really teaching children about the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, instead they give you the mindset that you need to work for someone forever, when in reality you have the option of learning a skill or service and create your own business.

Today we also hear about Mark’s daughter, potential future DJ, picking up one of Mark’s old passions when he was a teen and taking it to the next level doing sets at multiple events in front of a 300+ audience. She has also been contacted by Sam Divine to do a song together!

Later on, in the episode we hear get into the debate of the 4 working day week and whether it would work or not. Going over giving people an extra day to recover from work stresses or making the workplace a good environment for everyone to enjoy. Sean speaks on Velez doing the “7 weeks of wellness” where everyday the staff engage at some point throughout the day to do a group task or activity together, Sean argues that incorporating things like this and pre pay day pizza are the little things that any business can do that can have a detrimental effect on staff morale. Giving back to high achieving teams may give them a sense of recognition as well as a brief distraction from work life stress.

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