Episode 133 Group Chat Round 3 (version 2)


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Who wants another Blazers round table? DONE!

We talk about everything including... Dame making bubble history, Blazers' consistent inconsistencies, CJ's rising stock, offseason priorities, Whiteside and Melo's futures, Zach's hangup, feeling sorry for Suns or Grizzlies, Draymond tampering, no sex(ual relations) in the Champagne Bubble Room, and OF COURSE, the first round playoff matchup vs the Lakers!

This week's guests:

- Cassidy Gemmet of Blazers WHAT

- Ryan Whitledge of Blazer Tag

- Abdiqalis Mohamud

- Chadd Helm

- David Rodriguez of davidcomedyrodriguez.com

- Even Ty Delbridge made an appearance!

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