Trailcasters Quarantine Group Chat Round 1


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Well, it's been a long 2 months since our last episode! But we're coming back with a bang, as we change our format and make up for lost time by bringing in not 1, not 2, not 3 or 4 but FIVE Blazer fans with different perspectives on the team...

Our debut lineup includes @blazersedge and BlazersWHAT host @Tcbbiggs , Co-founder of Rip Twitty and @flagrantmag @owlhix, graphic artist @evanem of, Minnesota resident @AQ , and Blazers fanatic @Z3RO5UM rounded out with @tydelbridge and myself @RipCityKeith !

As basketball and sports return, it's utterly important that we do not forget about the bigger issues facing all Americans today such as the exposure of police brutality against people of color. We believe in working together to combat racism and injustice, and if you would like to help as well, please consider the following links to show your support, and we will add more in future episodes!

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Thank you to all the fans who have shared all your support! Your interaction means literally EVERYTHING to us!

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Enjoy the episode and GO BLAZERS!!!

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