TMBA564: The Knowledge Gap vs The Efficiency Gap Revisited (Again)


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We talk quite a bit on this podcast about services businesses and the sorts of problems that they seek to solve for their customers.

You may recall that Eagan Heath joined us to share his thoughts about this back in 2018 on an episode titled "The Knowledge Gap vs. The Efficiency Gap Revisited".

In that episode, we spoke about whether it is better to serve your customers by filling a "knowledge gap" and teaching them why they need your services or to fill an "efficiency gap" by helping them optimize something that they are already doing.

Since then, Eagan and his team have decided to move on from filling "knowledge gaps" for local businesses in Wisconsin and to focus on servicing "efficiency gaps" by providing digital marketing services to eCommerce businesses with his new company Caravan Digital.

Eagan joins us this week to share the reasons he's chosen to change his approach to this philosophy and why he feels like the "efficiency gap" strategy has ultimately prevailed.

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