259 - Sticking Point Solutions & Business Breakthroughs with Tony Robbins (PART 2)


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This episode is part two of a three-part series where Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham answer critical business questions from an audience of entrepreneurs. From business buying and selling strategies to creating irresistible incentives to close big deals, this episode will give you multi-million dollar insights from the pros.
Tony and Jay dissect how to structure a killer business deal, and they reveal ways to multiply money by simply thinking differently. You’ll learn how to think about scaling and why to shift from asking “how” to asking “who”—and you’ll discover how Tony grew his empire using strategic partnerships.
Listen in to learn how to grow exponentially, live the life you want, and bring in wild amounts of business consistently and predictably.
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01:00 - 12:00 - Business buying and selling strategies, the lifetime value of a customer, ways to develop customers, and how to do business with competitors.
12:00 - 15:00 - Growing exponentially vs. linearly, multiplying money strategically, thinking about “who” instead of “how”, and giving incentives to close.
15:00 - 25:00 - On protecting assets, diversification, having clear criteria, showing benefit and value, and what Tony did to bring in business, find customers, and partner strategically.
25:00 - 31:30 - Finding investors, finding social proof, getting clear on what you want out of your business, and Tony’s story to illustrate why it’s important to know your desired outcome.
31:30 - 46:00 - Incremental growth and the mindset of an artist, ways to create freedom and do what you love, and creating protective structures around relationships and deals.

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