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James Sebastiano (IG: @james.sebastiano) is a marketing expert and conscious entrepreneur that’s passionate about ethical and environmentally sustainable business. He is co-founder of world-renowned vegan restaurant in Bali, Alchemy.

James is the subject of the film Chasing The Present that’s now available on Apple TV and other online platforms. It just was just released on Sept 29th.

The plot of this movie is that James is a materially successful young man, riddled with anxiety so he embarks on a world-wide journey of self-inquiry.

He immerses himself in meditation and plant medicine and converses with top experts like Russell Brand, Graham Hancock, Joseph Goldstein and more to find the root cause of the problem and learn how to finally find freedom from his crippling anxiety.

James finds answers to why a person who seemingly has it all can continue to suffer from debilitating panic attacks.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • James' story of growing up with anxiety
  • How overdosing on cocaine led to a big epiphany
  • The 30-day vegetarian challenge
  • Leaving Amsterdam to start Alchemy in Bali
  • Getting to the root cause of anxiety
  • Being addicted to doing
  • Honouring what your body needs
  • Practicing meditation in the "real world"
  • Spending time in nature brings you into the present moment
  • Being fully present is the most powerful medicine
  • In order to heal you need to break apart your ego
  • Feeling your emotions as they come up
  • It’s important to have support during your healing journey
  • Contemplating on “Who am I?”
  • Completely surrendering during an ayahuasca experience
  • The fear of death vs. the fear of living
  • Why it’s important to maintain boundaries
  • The power and spirit of ayahuasca
  • Filming Chasing The Present over 5 years
  • The challenging conversation that brought James and his dad closer
  • Integrating a spiritual journey into everyday life
  • Leading by example will naturally inspire others

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