379: Dr. Shawn Baker - The Carnivore Diet


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Dr. Shawn Baker (IG: @shawnbaker1967) is an orthopedic surgeon, a world record holding athlete, a father and a proponent of the carnivore diet.

He’s the CEO at MeatRx and author of The Carnivore Diet.

Shawn is an international speaker, podcast host and consultant.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The carnivore diet
  • The evolution of Shawn’s diet over the years
  • The carnivore diet isn’t reverse veganism
  • Living on leaves and lean protein doesn’t work for everyone
  • Shawn eats 4500 calories/day
  • Following a time-restricted eating (TRE) schedule
  • Increasing daily protein intake improves strength
  • Elite & endurance athletes find success on the carnivore diet
  • Breaking down Shawn’s lab results
  • Ground beef from grass-fed and grain-fed cattle
  • Degenerative monoculture vs. regenerative farming
  • Regenerative agriculture can offset carbon emissions
  • Who’s controlling our food supply?
  • Plant-based/vegan diets do more harm to the environment than people realize
  • The history of all meat diets
  • There is no evidence that shows you’ll die of a heart attack from eating a carnivore diet
  • Is a carnivore diet what our ancestors ate?
  • The hybridization of food over the years
  • The anatomy and physiology of a carnivore
  • How Shawn’s digestion changed on a carnivore diet
  • Animals are tremendous sources of nutrient intensification
  • Can you get adequate vitamin C on a meat-based diet?
  • Is salt a supplement?
  • The facts about gout & the carnivore diet
  • How to properly transition to the carnivore diet
  • Craving meat-based nutrition
  • A sustainable diet is one where you enjoy the food
  • How Shawn cooks the meat he eats
  • Experimenting with raw meat
  • Are there any health benefits from eating nose to tail/organ meats?
  • Is there any evidence that our ancestors consumed organ meats?
  • Subsistence eating vs. surplus eating
  • Shawn’s thoughts about hunting
  • Is iron overload a concern on a carnivore diet?
  • Do your own research

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