384: Alicia Silverstone On Living A Responsible And Ethical Life, Waldorf Education, And Being Famous


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Watch the full video interview on YouTube here: https://bit.ly/tuhpaliciasilverstone

Alicia Silverstone (IG: @aliciasilverstone) is the co-founder of mykind Organics, the first ever food-based, certified organic, Non-GMO Verified, vegan vitamin line.

A dynamic and well-connected fixture in the acting, political, and scientific communities, she is also a dedicated activist and works to enlighten others about the benefits of clean living, veganism and a sustainable lifestyle. When it comes to acting, Alicia is best known for her role in 90s hit film, Clueless.

In 2009, Alicia released her first book, The Kind Diet, followed by her second book in 2014, The Kind Mama.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Alicia's vegetarian journey began at 8 years old... on an airplane
  • Flirting with veganism
  • Becoming an animal activist
  • Getting your partner on board with your dietary lifestyle
  • At one time, being vegan was lonely & isolating
  • Bonding over vegan food and the vegan lifestyle with Woody Harrelson & his wife, Laura
  • Focusing on living a responsible and ethical life
  • Use your voice, stand up to corporate greed
  • The benefits of pre-chewing food for babies
  • Boobs were made to breastfeed
  • We are responsible for our health
  • The health benefits Alicia experienced going vegan
  • Coming out of a cleanse energized and reborn
  • Is the raw food diet sustainable?
  • Why Alicia transitioned from raw food to a macrobiotic diet
  • Eating for fertility
  • Creating mykind Organics
  • The story behind Alicia's son's name... Bear
  • Raising a plant-based child
  • Unraveling the controversy about Bear's haircut
  • Alicia's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Wool" PETA campaign
  • What makes Waldorf education different?
  • Continuing to connect as a family during quarantine
  • Balancing work/life during the pandemic
  • What's growing in Alicia's garden?
  • The chaos that comes with being famous

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