394: Dr. Ben Lynch on Rewriting Your Genetic Destiny


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Dr. Ben Lynch (IG: @drbenlynch) is the bestselling author of Dirty Genes and a leader in the field of nutrigenomics. He's also president of Seeking Health, an innovative company providing supplements, courses, and tools designed to help people overcome genetic dysfunction and optimize health.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How the PBS show A Tale of Two Mice dramatically changed the direction of Ben’s life
  • Growing up on a ranch working with sick and infertile animals
  • Taking a year off university to backpack overseas
  • Ben’s health started to deteriorate in India and how Ayurvedic medicine helped heal him
  • His personal account of volunteering for Mother Teresa
  • If you don’t have perspective how can you have empathy?
  • Too much comfort makes people complacent
  • The integrity behind Seeking Health supplements
  • 3 years of research went into creating Seeking Health's prenatal vitamin
  • Children watch every move you make and learn by your actions
  • Ben wants to teach his sons the value of travel
  • How seeing an Ayurvedic practitioner changed Ben’s perspective on health
  • Intermittent fasting 12 to 16 hours a day is part of a healthy lifestyle
  • It’s ok to have dirty genes as long as you know how to clean them up
  • You have to know what your core values are
  • Ben’s journey through college, running a landscaping business, & studying Naturopathic medicine
  • Realizing we are in control of our genes and how they express themselves
  • Dirty genes we are born with vs. genes that are acting dirty
  • The human body doesn’t want to waste resources on genetic expression
  • Air pollution has a negative impact on your genes
  • Environmental factors are a risk for infertility
  • Why you should get the air and water quality tested in your home
  • How to decrease EMFs in your home
  • Avoidance is key - stop bringing toxins into your home
  • Recommended air and furnace filters for your home
  • Why air duct cleaning is important
  • Setting a reminder to replace your filters
  • Indoor air is more toxic than outdoor air
  • Buy wood furniture or second hand furniture that has off-gassed
  • Rewrite your genes

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