408: Andy Hnilo on Biohacking Your Way to Better Skin


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Watch the full video interview on YouTube here: https://bit.ly/andyhnilo408

Andy Hnilo (IG: @andyhnilo) is former athlete, model, and actor that had his life turned upside down. On March 20th, 2011, he was struck by a series of large vehicles while crossing a busy street, a trauma that caused seven broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and an extreme compound fracture.

Determined to come back even stronger, Andy was able to be back on the runway in less than 3 months. He was able to heal his skin by immersing himself in a diligent skincare routine that included a mineral-rich blend of four clays, organic superfoods, and nutrient-dense ingredients: a process that healed his body.

Andy is now the founder and CEO of Alitura, which makes life-changing skin care products with organic superfoods.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Opening up the creative mind
  • Setting your intentions for the day
  • The coach that instilled Andy's athlete mindset
  • Choosing which dream to move forward with… baseball or acting?
  • The life threatening accident that changed the course of Andy’s life
  • Dealing with cystic acne in high school sparked an interest in natural health
  • The healing protocol Andy followed after his accident
  • Being grateful for a second chance at life
  • Focus on what you have rather than what happened to you
  • Hearing “you’ll never do this again” was the motivation Andy needed to thrive
  • Practicing intrinsic motivation
  • Creating a clay mask to heal Andy's abrasions and scars
  • Partnering up with Dave Asprey to launch Alitura
  • The challenges of finding trusted manufacturers
  • Why Andy won’t accept anything less than perfection
  • Necessity is the mother of invention
  • Avoiding burnout by making time for your daily routine
  • Andy’s recipe for Bulletproof Coffee
  • What Andy eats when he breaks his intermittent fast
  • Andy’s daily supplement routine
  • The healing power of consuming organ meats
  • Foods to consume that nourish your skin from the inside out
  • Drinking mineral water naturally revitalizes your skin
  • Getting started with Alitura products

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