430: Dr. Andrew Weil SHARES His Personal Secrets for Staying Mentally Sharp and AGING IN REVERSE


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Dr. Andrew Weil (IG: @drweil) received a degree in botany from Harvard and an M.D. from Harvard Medical School.

He’s the founder and director of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. The Center is the leading effort in the world to develop a comprehensive curriculum in integrative medicine.

Dr. Weil is a founder and partner of the growing group of True Food Kitchen restaurants.

He’s an internationally recognized expert on medicinal plants, alternative medicine, and the reform of medical education.

Dr. Weil is the author of many scientific articles and 15 books.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Adjusting to the pandemic and life on Cortes Island
  • The mentors that helped shape Dr. Weil’s life
  • Travelling at age 17 impacted Dr. Weil's perspective on the world
  • From medical school to studying plant medicine
  • Writing his 1st book, The Natural Mind about drugs and consciousness
  • Psychedelics becoming mainstream
  • Dr. Weil recalls his personal experiences with cannabis & psychedelics
  • Travelling around Latin America writing about healing & alternative health
  • Learning about ayahuasca & psilocybin mushrooms from shamans
  • When you get the message, hang up the phone
  • Characteristics of a true healer
  • Dr. Weil teaches his philosophy of integrative medicine
  • Speaking the truth
  • Dr. Weil’s tips for longevity in career and health
  • Evolving your physical activity as you age
  • Make your own fermented foods
  • The process of growing shiitake mushrooms
  • How to maintain cognitive sharpness
  • The best foods for brain health
  • Understanding what types of fish are sustainable

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Robert Fulford (books)

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Dr. Andrew Weil - The Marriage of the Sun and Moon (book)

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Sylvia Earle (Mission Blue)

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