S1EP14 Police Misconduct: An Interview with a Criminologist, Dr. Temitope Oriola


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In this episode, my guest, Dr. Temitope Oriola returns to the show to discuss the complexities of addressing police misconduct. We discuss the impact of police organizational culture - us versus them mentality, historical, social cultural and political context, systemic racism, disciplinary action strategies including Dr. Oriola's Kill and Go method, and Three Strikes method, and the costs and burden of police misconduct. Dr. Oriola is a renowned and award winning researcher and teacher, an author, and a frequent contributor to media interviews and expert opinion. His research focuses on policing and the use of force by police, transnational crimes, terrorism studies, resource conflict, political violence and social movements. Publications from his research appear in leading scholarly journals on police brutality, human trafficking, terrorism and more. He is also the joint Editor-in-Chief of African Security journal and the president of the Canadian Association of African Studies (CAAS). If you enjoy the episode, subscribe, rate the podcast, share and leave a comment. Follow on Facebook and Instagram @UnfilteredRealTalk. Follow on Twitter @ RealTalk_Ije --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/unfilteredrealtalk/message

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