S1EP15 Racism and Immigrant Health in Canada with Dr. Bukola Salami


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In today's episode, my guest and I discuss systemic racism in Canadian health care system and the impacts on the health of black immigrants. My guest is Dr. Bukola Salami, an associate professor at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta in Canada. Our conversation identifies the core reasons for declining immigrant health after years of immigration into Canada, and the impacts of systemic racism on the health of immigrants. We also identify policy measures and key practical solutions for government institutions in Canada to utilize in addressing systemic racism in the health care system.

Dr. Salami's research and expertise focuses on policies and practices shaping migrant health. She has led research in the areas of well-being of temporary foreign workers, mental health of immigrant adults, mental health of immigrant children, as well as mental health of African, Black, and Caribbean youths. Dr. Salami has been recognized for her community engagement work to improve immigrant health. She has received several awards for research excellence and community engagement including 100 Accomplished Black Women in Canada; Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing Emerging Nurse Researcher of the Year Award.

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