S2EP1 Resolutions vs Goal Setting: New Ideas and Tips for the Year


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In today's episode, my guest, Sharon Obiye and I, talk about new year resolutions and why we feel it is a fad. We discuss integrating a lifestyle of goal setting and planning instead of resolutions, the importance of tailoring goals to individual unique needs, and the need to regularly review goals to adjust to changing priorities and needs. Sharon emphasizes the need to roll over goals that are not accomplished to the next year rather than setting new goals or making new resolutions each new year. Also discussed in this episode are: types of goals, timeline for goals, and tips for low budget self-care routines. Sharon is a returning guest. If you enjoy today's episode, subscribe and rate the podcast wherever you listen. Also follow the podcast on social media @UnRealTalkPod and share your feedback. Show contribution and collaboration, email unfilteredrealtalk@gmail.com. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/unfilteredrealtalk/message

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