Episode 153: Party Peeps LIVE & My Unicorn Conundrum! Ep 153


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This week we're focusing on getting back to normal with more live coverage from the Open-Minded People's Party! I interviewed a couple of gal-pals about how they shared an erotic makeout session over a particular male body part we are quite fond of on this show. Later in the episode I talked to Snuggly Dave about my lifestyle dating adventures... One couple was spectacularly lesbionic and hot, while the other struggled to not crash and burn. For the latter half of the show, Dave was my consultant as I actively texted a particular couple to try to arrange a meeting of mutual interests. He did his best, but can this potential hookup be saved? Stay tuned... Catch us on Twitter @unicornreport @tastymuffinlvr @dragontatsn2son

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