Episode 161: Seven Deadly Sins Party LIVE! Ep 161


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Hey sexy listeners, I went to a party up in Phoenix knowing absolutely nobody, and came back with a great story to share with you! The hosts of the "OZ in AZ" group from SLS.com hosted a party back in May and I was able to interview them as the party was happening. Later in the show, I recounted with Dave all the dirty deeds I did as a... Very. Naughty. Unicorn. (Quick correction: In the show I called the group "Welcome to OZ" but it's actually called "Oz in AZ"). We also have fan mail from a listener, and I give them advice on how to scissor like a pro! Write to us on Twitter or SLS.com. @tastymuffinlvr @dragontatsn2son @unicornreport. Enthusiastic consent is sexy!!!

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