Episode 162: Erotic Story: Accidental New Adventures, Ep 162


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Looking through the window, I could see the two guys coming to do the job. One older lead man, and a young cute blonde guy, and I mean really cute. Watching them approach the garage, I continued to stare at the young blonde, thinking that “Wow, he is too cute to be working HVAC for very long”. He fits more the pool boy stereotype, I thought to myself. While lost in thought over this worker, I was brought back to my senses noticing him walk up to the front door. With a quick knock at the door, I answered, and was face to face with this blonde young man. Up close, he was cuter than I thought... As I was talking to him, I noticed his attention directly on me, catching him looking at me in the eye. I felt a blush come over my face and could not help to smile as I looked away, trying to direct my words to the work at hand. When I looked back up, he was still looking at me, or should I say, he was looking me over, but trying to do it without looking like he was doing it... (story courtesy of SLS.com)

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