Unicorn Mailbag & Erotic Story: The Dressing Room Pt 1, Ep 133


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At the top of the show I'll catch you up on all my sexy messages from SLS.com for about 15 minutes, then..an erotic story from SLS.com, "The Dressing Room Pt 1": "I turned toward the front of the booth to use the mirror and there she was in the booth across from me. I froze, she was standing there with her top off and displaying the most beautiful breasts. She was standing at an angle to me and I had a perfect profile...and her now fully erect, nipples, they were beautiful and she was just standing looking at herself in the mirror. I just stood there feasting on her beauty. God, this was weird, but I couldn't stop looking at her. Finally she turned toward me..." Catch us on Twitter @unincornreport @tastymuffinlvr @dragontatsn2son. Wanna know what's sexy for 2020? Looking that hot nurse in the eye, rolling up your sleeve, and letting her stick you so good with that flu shot!!! Stay safe out there friends!

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