Unicorn Mailbag & Erotic Story: The Exhibitionist In Me, Ep131


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Hello unicorn friends and lovers! The first 30 minutes of the show I go through my messages on SLS.com and share with the listeners if I give the people who hit me up a 'Yay' or 'Nay' (keep or delete). There's always a surprise lurking just around the corner, and this time was no different! Later in the show is an erotic story (courtesy of SLS.com) called, "The Exhibitionist In Me". Kay and Jon met late in life after being widowed and going through a divorce. They were in mad, passionate love with each other, making love more days in the week than not, with flirting and putting on little shows. When they attended their first swinger house party, their sexual escapades would be cranked up to eleven! Catch us on Twitter @unicornreport @tastymuffinlvr @dragontatsn2son. What's the new sexy for 2020? Washing your hands, social distancing and wearing a mask!!!

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