UES 574: How to Find The Gap to Maximize Sales in ANY Market


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In today’s episode, Kelly shares how to find the gap in your industry that will differentiate you from your competition to grow your business Three guests join Kelly live to have their questions answered!

Sarah comes on to get Kelly’s take on a dilemma she’s facing to either create two offers to serve men and women or to streamline her offer to one program for women. Kelly leads with clarity and gives her key insight to creating a program that will benefit her clients and her business.

Isabelle joins Kelly all the way from Germany to ask Kelly how to find her gap to separate herself from her competitors. Isabelle helps women who’ve gone through a breakup reset their self confidence.

Our third guest, Healthy Hev, helps network marketers that are jaded by the industry get back up on their feet. She asks Kelly how she can set herself apart from competitors that offer the same services.

The final guest for the night is Laura, a mindset and leadership coach, helps high level entrepreneurs live a life they are truly passionate about. Kelly helps her discover the most effective way to bridge the gap between knowing and actually doing.

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