UES 605: Be Unstoppable featuring Bethany Hamilton: Perseverance, Pursuing Dreams and Juggling Parenthood


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What unexpected obstacles in life have you had to overcome?

This week, Kelly invites pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton onto the show for a power-packed conversation about mindset and her journey back to getting back on a surfboard after losing her arm from a horrible shark attack at age 13.

Bethany, who started surfing again just a month after the attack, discusses the mindset that brought her back to doing what she loves, balancing parenthood and pursuing your passions, the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships in your day to day life and how that can directly affect your workplace performance, and ultimately, your goals and dreams.

She knew there was a world of people who needed inspiration and encouragement to get through their lows. She talks to Kelly about choosing the path of gratitude, and how to shift your perspective to adapt and adjust when faced with unexpected roadblocks.

Bethany has since released her Documentary, “Unstoppable,” which captures her life from childhood to motherhood and everything in between. Want to learn more about Bethany’s journey? “Unstoppable” is available on iTunes, Netflix and DVD.

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