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When Everything is Uncertain, Bet on Yourself

2020 has been an unprecedented year for business, with the coronavirus pandemic causing major shutdowns and economic downturn across the globe.

In today’s episode, Kelly advises on how to find success during a year like 2020 and takes questions from three Unstoppable Entrepreneurs.

Kelly speaks with Steph Weber of The Weber Co. Steph is a brand coach and marketing strategist who was able to do 150k in sales and quit her job after joining UE. She asks Kelly how to close more clients outside of Live Launches.

Kelly talks about the importance of qualifying leads by asking the right questions and focusing on the prospect’s timeline and sense of urgency before the call.

Next, Kelly talks with sustainability advocate Vanessa Landry about how to build a community for clients and transition from a four month program to a twelve month program.

Kelly suggests continuing to do the four month accelerator and moving the clients into a group setting once those four weeks are done. She tells Vanessa to think about how she develops multiple individuals on her team that can go out and build these 4-week accelerators, but then also facilitators inside the long-term program.

Finally, Kelly speaks with Hallie Agostinelli with Virtual Matters, a virtual assistance company. Hallie is concerned about scaling her business and building a team because her clients expect to be working directly with her.

Kelly says it all starts with a mindset shift. She notes that entrepreneurs always believe initially that they’re the only ones who can do what they do, but over time it gets to the point where because the staff that they’re building has the time and ability to serve the clients, the clients will be getting better results with staff.

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