UES 603: High Risk, High Reward: Overcoming Hiring Roadblocks and Being Resilient


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What’s holding you back from achieving success?

This week, Kelly invites business coach Judy Weber and second-year business student Kailee Popowich to join her and ask questions on the show.

Kelly addresses Judy’s concerns related to hiring a successful team. She provides insight on what to look for in potential employees, communicating your needs during the interview process, finding interns, and looking for people who strive for long-term success in their career, with an end goal of advancing to the top.

She discusses how to overcome both the fear and money block associated with hiring new team members, the difference in hiring helpers versus owners, and why it’s crucial to go all in on your employees. For Kelly, going all in and bearing the risk is key to creating the rewards for her team, her clients, and ultimately herself.

Kelly and Kailee chat about resilience, overcoming obstacles you might face as a business owner, and interpreting failure as feedback.

Reflecting on her time as a senior VP during the 2008 crash, Kelly talks about her determination to pivot her strategy and achieve goals without laying off a single employee.

For Kelly, giving up wasn’t an option. She dives deeper into the skills she learned as a leader during that time and how her resilience impacted her leadership skills today.

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