634: Erik Diedrichsen on Developing a New Poultry Feeder


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Turning Homesteading Skills Into a New Business Venture.

In This Podcast:

Anyone who has ever had chickens knows that feeding poultry is a messy business. Erik Diedrichsen found a better way, and in the process, he found his way into a new business venture. Erik shares his experience of growing a product from idea to market and explains what he believes it takes to be a successful inventor. Hear about the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned, and of course get the scoop on what Erik and Greg call the “best chicken feeder on the market”.

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Erik lost his main trade show business due to Covid. He turned to the skills he knew as a part-time homesteader and designed, patented, and produced the “best chicken feeder on the market” and started his new business PoultryProFeeder.com. Aside from wanting to provide a proven superior product, Erik is using the opportunity to learn the business process.

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Developing a New Poultry Feeder.

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