651: Thinking Outside the Garden Box


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A chat with Raymond Jess.

In This Garden Chat:

Farmer Greg talks with Raymond Jess and Janis Norton, from the Urban Farm, about a multitude of variations on the traditional garden box. They share their own experiences and discuss the unique advantages of each type of bed, covering topics such as how they work, how to set them up, and how to care for them. Raymond gives us a peek inside his garden, telling us what he is currently growing and how he is growing it, and Janis tells how to nourish your plants so they thrive.

On the last Tuesday every month we host The Urban Farm Garden Chats where Greg Peterson has a relaxed conversation in a Zoom room with a special guest to cover useful gardening topics, and they answer questions from the live listening audience.

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Our Special Guest:

Raymond Jess is the Urban Farm General Store leader, master gardener, and all around fun guy. Ray has been gardening for more than two decades and loves to experiment with ways to plant in the ground and in various containers.

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