573: Dorie Morales on the Fresh Food Collab


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Working to reshape the narrative surrounding food scarcity.

In This Podcast:

2020 is the year that the world experienced two pandemics: The COVID virus and exponential unemployment. Many have turned to food banks but are not receiving the necessary nutrition. However, Dorie Morales is collaborating with the local community to educate, inspire, and ensure access to healthy fresh foods for those in need. Listen in to learn about Dorie’s role in the Fresh Food Collab, their unique local partnerships, and the various community members being supported.

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Dorie is the Publisher and CEO of Green Living magazine, Arizona’s premiere eco-conscious lifestyle publication. The monthly publication aims to educate, inspire and empower readers to make eco-conscious choices for a healthy life and planet. Their Vision is a world where we leave the earth a better place today and for future generations.

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Dorie Morales on the Fresh Food Collab.

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