575: Josh Krenz on Farming Sensors and Data


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Examining the science of farming.

In This Podcast: Imagine if farmers could predict annual weather patterns to determine water use, soil moisture, and avoid crop failures, yet this seems far from possible. However, Josh Krenz works with a company that creates devices to collect farming data and essentially facilitates farmers’ ability to “predict the future”. Listen in to learn about what types of data is collected, how EarthScout sensors maximize efficiency for farmers, and the differences in results of crops that used farming sensors.

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Josh is the Chief Commercial Officer at EarthScout, a global company based in Minnesota offering technology to support science-minded growers. Josh’s agriculture business and marketing knowledge extends to both domestic and international markets in the areas of precision agriculture, nutrients, agricultural inputs, plant growth regulators, seed, and animal health. In addition to his responsibilities at EarthScout, he is the Founder/CEO of Vivid Life Sciences, a sustainable plant physiology company, as well as the Co-founder/President of Windland Flats, a grass-fed beef brand and farm.

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Josh Krenz on Farming Sensors and Data.

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