577: Quita Jackson on Off-Grid Container Homes


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Building small homes using thrifty resources.

In This Podcast: Our ancestors were the pioneers of the past that lived off the land and as society advanced, so did our way of life. Currently, we are living life unsustainably and creating waste along the way. However, Quita Jackson had a vision to revert back to living like the mothers before her and decided to follow her dreams of living off-grid. Listen in to learn about how she built her container home, the challenges along the way, and the importance of mimicking mother nature.

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Nature Lover, Mom and Wife, Producer, Storyteller, and Educator are just some of the words that describe Quita. She is the founder and host of GreenDesert.org; a site dedicated to leaving less of a carbon footprint by mimicking nature. From helping build school gardens, to building off-grid shipping container homes, to sharing backyard-to-kitchen recipes, She truly lives a sustainable lifestyle and strives for zero waste. Her GreenDesert TV page has more than 100 videos sharing her lifestyle. Quita also produced and created shows for ABC News in Phoenix for the last 20 years.

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Quita Jackson on Off-Grid Container Homes.

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