580: Jessica Smith on Healthy Soil and Healthy Plants


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How healthy soil supports healthy plants and how growing food can solve many of the world’s.

In This Podcast:

An inspiring conversation with Jessica Smith on the importance of healthy soil, an overlooked resource that could solve many of the world’s problems. Jessica shares the story of her journey towards understanding life within soil and how nurturing plant life is the same as nurturing the human body. Her Mission: Encouraging the world to understand that our role in nature is to support it, not control it.

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Jessica is a Certified Ecological Farmer and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. With a B.S. in Sustainable Living and Living Soils, and a Masters in Soil Science, she combines her passions to encourage the earth and its inhabitants back into a state of balance and vitality. She teaches regenerative and ecological gardening and farming in hopes to improve soil health, ecosystem health, environmental health, and human health. Jessica also co-created & co-produced the movie Grow Food found at GrowFoodFilm.com

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Jessica Smith on Healthy Soil and Healthy Plants.

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