583: Gregg Muller on Breeding Your Own Vegetables


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Breeding vegetables for a unique variety that is well-suited to your climate.

In This Podcast: Diving into the topic of breeding for genetic seed diversity, Gregg Muller’s curiosity led him to experiment with crossbreeding unique seed varieties. Gregg illustrates the epic vegetable breeds he has been creating from purple snow peas to ‘single serve’ melons. Living in the dry climate of Bendigo, Victoria in Australia, he discusses the importance of protecting open genetic resources in the face of changing environmental conditions.

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Gregg holds a Bachelor of Arts in pure mathematics and philosophy, diploma of teaching, a graduate diploma of outdoor education, a master’s degree in environmental science, and is currently enrolled in a PhD program examining the ecology of root-parastic trees. He has worked as a park ranger, Secondary school maths and science teacher, environmental planner, outdoor instructor, and spent the last 19 years as a natural history lecturer at university. But his passion, as you will soon learn, is growing vegetables. He has grown vegetables for over 50 years, but now concentrates on breeding locally adapted vegetables, providing seeds for his local community and interested vegetable growers and breeders with climates similar to the dry, Mediterranean conditions of Central Victoria, Australia.

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Gregg Muller on Breeding Your Own Vegetables.

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