598: Tommie Hockett on Sharing Seeds with Friends


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Splitting a Seed Up In a Box with six others and building community resilience.

In This Podcast:

We hear first-hand experience from one of our avid podcast listeners, Tommie Hockett, on how he hosted a community seed sharing event. Living in rural Texas, Tommie does not have many close neighbors and he shares with us how he devised a plan to build community resilience that expanded across county lines. Tommie notes how his expectations were exceeded throughout the process from the number of seeds he received to the unexpected guests that showed up out of curiosity.

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Tommie runs Sissy & Bubba's Farmstead alongside his beautiful wife Chellie. Through their strong faith, they are striving to be good stewards while living a self-sufficient life full of abundance! Tommy recently convinced a few friends to go in on a purchase of a Seed Up In a Box and had their own seed sharing event.

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Tommie Hockett on sharing seeds with friends.

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