21: Jessie Feller Hahn - Exec. Director, Meeting of the Minds


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Jessie Feller Hahn is the Executive Director of Meeting of the Minds, a global leadership network and knowledge sharing platform, comprising tens of thousands of leaders in the urban sustainability and technology space.

Previously she worked on the Tri-State Region’s 4th Regional Plan through the Regional Planning Association, a historic planning organization from the times of Rockefeller and Robert Moses which was involved in projects like bringing the very first bus station to NYC.

In this conversation, we dive into…

  • Best practices for enabling effective sharing of knowledge, models, and ideas across industries
  • How to enable resilience and sustainable growth in cities
  • The paradox that leaders face between long term and short term thinking
  • How the pandemic has reshaped city priorities
  • Some interesting thoughts on the future of dynamic street management
  • And as always, some comprehensive advice on how to learn more about and begin working in the smart city space

Jessie is someone who routinely sits down with some of the most influential minds in Smart Cities, and we can all learn a lot from her insights into city planning and operations. Hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

Jessie can be reached at the following: LinkedIn, Twitter

Enjoy the show!

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