22: Dr. Paul Van Buskirk - Founder, Cohoes Citizen Party 1963


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Dr. Paul Van Buskirk is a legendary political figure from the city of Cohoes, NY responsible for founding the Cohoes Citizen Party in 1963 to defeat the Albany political machine, New York’s most corrupt machine.

Today, he is the Founder and Chairman of Metro Forecasting Models, which helps several Southeastern US states predict population growth and movement, to accurately build infrastructure.

His latest book, Big Mike, Uncle Dan and Me is available now, where he discusses his journey, learnings, and lessons.

In this conversation, we dive into…

  • The social and economic climate when living under a corrupt political machine
  • What led Dr. Van Buskirk to start the Citizens Party of Cohoes in 1963
  • How they effectively organized in a short time to defeat the political machine
  • Why engagement in local politics is so low and why it’s important to correct that
  • And as always, some comprehensive advice on how to learn more about and begin working in the smart city space

Dr. Van Buskirk helps compare political organizing then and now, and his learnings and lessons are just as valid today and especially relevant during an election year.

Enjoy the show!

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