25: Curtis Rogers - Co-Founder, Parkade


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Curtis Rogers is the Co-Founder of Parkade, an app that helps tenants in the same building share and rent parking. Parkade helps put your unused parking spots to good use. As for visitors to your apartment or condo, Parkade helps make visiting seamless, with finding parking just an afterthought.

In this conversation, we dive into…

  • Residential parking and why it’s such an exciting space
  • The growth of Parkade and the initial MVP
  • Thoughts on how mobility and transportation is moving away from cars, in general.
  • And as always, some comprehensive advice on finding problems within your cities and building some great products to solve them

Curtis was also an early employee at Zimride (before it was called Lyft!), so we dive into some of those experiences and how Parkade was born out of a large-scale parking experiment at Lyft HQ.

A book that’s played a pivotal role in Curtis’s world view about the role of mobility was The High Cost of Free Parking, by Donald Shoup. Check it out!

Let’s dive in!

Curtis can be reached at the following: LinkedIn, Twitter

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