26: Ben Volkow - CEO & Founder, Otonomo


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Ben Volkow is the CEO & Founder of Otonomo, an Israel based startup building the future of connected car data. Otonomo is building a platform to collect, cleanse, secure, and standardize OEM car data from over 18 million vehicles. Third party service providers then deliver innovative smart city, traffic, fleet management, and mapping services for other companies and customers.

Internationally recognized by various industry groups along with OEM support from some of the world’s largest automakers, Ben and Otonomo are on a mission to create a mobility ecosystem that uses data to make every driving experience truly rewarding.

In this conversation, we dive into…

  • Otonomo and interesting use cases for car & traffic data
  • The role that Otonomo fills in the connected car ecosystem
  • How Otonomo has helped transform legacy automakers into technology players
  • Data security and privacy for the end consumer
  • And finally Ben’s entrepreneurial journey and his advice for future entrepreneurs

Season 3 is in the works, to be returning early 2021 - thank you all for the support thus far! None of this would be possible without this community.

Ben can be reached at the following: LinkedIn

Enjoy the show!

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