James Foster Chance


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At the beginning of 2021, James Foster Chance disappeared from Grapevine, Texas. No one knows exactly when James was last seen. It's believed he disappeared sometime between January and March. During that time, Texas experienced a record setting winter storm, leaving most of the state without power for days. It was during this storm that it appears that James made a mysterious trip. James' family was alerted by his landlord that something was amiss. That was when they began piecing together his last movements. What they discovered left them with more questions than answers. This is a story that will leave you questioning how much you can really ever know someone. Do people only show you the side of themselves that they want you to see? What could even your closest loved ones be hiding from you?

If you have any information about the disappearance of James Foster Chance, please call the Grapevine Police Department at 817-470-8127 or send them an email at cidmail@grapevinetexas.gov.

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