Episode 177: Thomas Jermoluk - CEO & Co-Founder, Beyond Identity


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TJ has a legendary background in the tech industry having founded and run several successful companies through multiple decades. A lot of these successes have been in partnership with another tech legend, that being Jim Clark, the founder of Silicon Graphics, Netscape, and many other companies. Their latest company together is Beyond Identity which recently announced $30M in funding. The company is creating a new identity management platform that will hopefully put an end to all those dreaded and not so very secure passwords we all use. In this episode of our podcast, we cover: * TJ’s foundational years - growing up in Hawaii and studying Computer Science at Virginia Tech. * The details on his role at Silicon Graphics as President & CEO, plus examples around how the company’s innovative technology was being leveraged. * His experience as Founding Chairman & CEO of @Home Network, where we discuss its merger with Excite, which was laying down the foundation of how consumers access the internet and content. * A journey through his other entrepreneurial endeavors as an operator or investor, including Ibotta, where he is a board member and investor. * All of the details on Beyond Identity and why this could be one of their biggest companies yet. * Advice on building out your leadership team. * And so much more.

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