Episode 194: Paul Bilodeau - CEO & Founder, Filtered.ai


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Did you know that resumes have been around for over 500 years, yet why is it that resumes haven’t really evolved? Sure, maybe a LinkedIn profile is a digital version of you… but companies generally look for a copy of your resume when you apply to a job. Paul has built a career largely focused on pushing the industry forward with a better way, as he was the founder of a company that was early to use video for job interviews. His latest company is Filtered.ai, which is helping companies solve a very hard problem and that is hiring engineers. Sure, you could look at a resume with lots of technical buzzwords, but how can you be sure that the individual is qualified to tackle the work that needs to be done? Filtered.ai is focused on helping companies make the shift to skill-based hiring, as it is focused on determining an engineer’s true ability versus the words listed on a resume. Not only is it more effective and efficient, but it is also making the hiring process unbiased, which is also important for helping companies build a diverse workforce. In this episode of our podcast, we cover: * Tips for non-technical founders on hiring engineers. * His background, including his professional basketball career in China. * Paul’s entry into entrepreneurship with PangeaConnect and being early to market and the decision to step away from the business. * All the details on Filtered.ai and how it all works. * Experience raising money during the pandemic. * And so much more.

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