Episode 196: Art Papas - Founder & CEO, Bullhorn


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It’s incredibly rare for a co-founder to remain as CEO at a company for as long as Art has, especially when the company has been involved in multiple financing rounds from venture capital and private equity firms, which says a lot about Art’s leadership style and his ability to stay focused. A key part of this focus is being the best solution for a specific industry. In Bullhorn’s case, it is building the best software to power staffing firms. One might think that being focused on what one might call a narrow industry would be a mistake, but it’s this focus that has allowed the company to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue with over 10,000 customers. The company recently announced a new strategic investment from Stone Point Capital to power the next phase of the Bullhorn’s growth. In this episode of our podcast, we cover: * The secrets to his parents' achievement of raising 3 very successful children who are all in the tech industry. * Art’s foundational years studying mathematics at Tufts University and his first jobs out of college. * All the details on the early days of Bullhorn and how he got started building the company with his two co-founders. * How they scaled the company and worked with multiple investors successfully. * Advice for founders on how to integrate an acquired company into your culture. * And so much more. If you like the show, please remember to subscribe and review us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play.

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