Episode 199: Nash Ahmed - Founder & CEO, Undock


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"Let’s schedule some time to meet” is a common phrase that you’ll hear multiple times a day. Sounds simple, but it’s not, especially the more people who are involved. It starts an endless amount of back & forth to coordinate schedules. It’s a problem that affects everyone and there have been attempts to solve this problem with things like online scheduling tools, but no one has gotten it right. There has to be a better way and that is exactly the way of thinking that led Nash down the path of starting Undock. The company is on a mission to connect the world’s calendars and dramatically change the future with predictive scheduling. Undock recently announced $1.6M in funding from investors like Lightship Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Lerer Hippeau, Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capital, and many more. In this episode of our podcast, we cover: * Why startups should think bigger when it comes to launching products and advice on planning a launch event. * Nash’s background, including his time as a music producer and then moving into the role as CEO at Viper Box. * A deep dive into Undock and how the product works, plus some insights about the bigger vision of the company. * Hiring advice for startups. * And so much more. If you like the show, please remember to subscribe and review us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play.

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