Episode 59: Krieging the Spiel Again


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Episode 59: Krieging the Spiel Again is live! https://soundcloud.com/user-989538417/episode-59-krieging-the-spiel-again Nick Nethery, Dave Churchil and I discuss our recent Kriegsspiel! Follow Dave on Twitter! @DMCFFD Go buy stuff from the Too Fat Lardies! https://toofatlardies.co.uk/ Previous Kriegsspiel episode with Rich Clarke and Nick Skinner: https://soundcloud.com/user-989538417/ep-49-krieging-the-spiel Map link: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EW5pDXPXYAAUT9v?format=jpg&name=large LIttle Wars TV: http://www.littlewarstv.com/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/ Edited with Audacity. Music courtesy of freemusicarchive.org. Copyright Jay Arnold 2020. Published under Creative Commons attribution no derivatives license. Make your town beautiful; get a haircut.

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