E240 The Bachelor Recap With Dave Holmes


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On today’s Bachelor Recap we are joined by Dave Holmes, you may remember him from his days on MTV as a VJ, as an Editor-at-Large for Esquire, or as the guy in the Britney documentary talking about what it was like covering her career. Whichever way you know Dave, make no mistake when we tell you that with his pop culture background, Dave came to play for this recap. Nick and Dave take an overly detailed look at the hometown dates of Michelle, Bri, Rachael, and Serena P. Together they really dig in and ask all the important questions like, was there really no way to steam the wrinkles out of the Canadian flags? It is a bit of a super sized episode tonight, but with this commentary and break down, you won’t want to miss a minute of it.

“ …to say that was weird and I didn’t really like it takes some gumption.”

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