E243 The Bachelor Recap With Jason Ritter


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On today’s Bachelor Recap of The Women Tell All we are joined once again by Viall Files recap favorite, Jason Ritter. Jason comes in hot giving us his overall thoughts on the season, relieved that Matt addressed the topic he wanted to hear most about, kissing with his eyes open. Nick and Jason waste no time getting right into their usual analytical banter about the topics discussed from Anna’s apology, Katie’s comments about Karma, Victoria’s lack of ownership, and finally how The Bachelor gave us a rare look at production by showing us what they took out of the show and how that will change the way an audience can watch the show. Make sure to stick around to the end to hear their Bachelorette predictions and final thoughts on who Matt may end up with.

“I think she needs to go into a cave and scream out and then start over.”

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