E263 Addiction, Feminism, & Self Love with Kelly Osbourne & Jeff Beacher


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Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Beacher join us today for a very honest conversation mixed with a little bit of chaos. Today we catch up with these best friends the week before the launch of their podcast, The Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Beacher Show, on May 4th. Known for their dynamic and outrageous personalities, they were completely uncensored with us as we discussed Kelly and Jeff’s recent relapses, their views on addiction, and the mental challenges they overcame when they made the life choice to have weight loss surgery. We definitely have a little fun investigating some earrings left behind in Jeff’s bathroom and finding out how these two “Howard Hughes” themselves through quarantine. But if this episode is an indication of all the directions their show can go in the future, then get ready for a heck of a ride.

“Kelly also thinks the Matrix is a documentary.”

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