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On today's Ask Nick we start with a someone who is confused after getting a divorce and moving back in with her ex husband. He is saying all the right things but she is wondering if she is able to get over the resentment she feels from their unhealthy relationship. Next, a bestie writes in and her friend joins us to discuss her relationship. After hearing her friend talks about how she is not sure she wants to be with her boyfriend anymore- and definitely is not into having sex with him- she is stuck with her boyfriend wanting to try more and more and more and she, may just not love him anymore. Our third caller is accepting less than what she deserves from a guy that she wants to date, but she needs to remember what she wants and move forward in that direction. Last, we speak with someone who was on vacation with her boyfriend and some of his old friends when, while sitting next to her, he puts his hand on the leg of a girl that he used to date. She goes back and forth in her mind wondering if it is ok or not since he did it front of her.

“It doesn’t matter how good we are when we’re good, it is how bad we are when we’re bad.”

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