E349 Ask Nick - Dating My Ex’s Lover’s Ex


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Today on Ask Nick we dive into the wild world of situationships. We start with our first caller who after being cheated on by their fiancé, develops a relationship with the ex-husband of the girl her fiancé is cheating with. Does this relationship have any chance for success or are the circumstances just too weird to stand a chance? Our next caller asks for advice on re-connecting with their ex best friend, or if too much time has passed for it to be worth it. Our next caller is a mother of four and re-entering the dating world. After a date with a 21 year old, our caller wonders if this man is too young to take on a mature relationship. Our last caller recently bought a house with their partner, but is not sure if they’re compatible. Now the caller is struggling to decide if their expectations are too high or if their partner is just not capable of standard expectations.

“It seems like he’s acknowledging to you that he still has some growing up to do.”

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