Episode 110: USA WNT VNL Week 3 Recap, 6/10/21 w/Jordan Larson & Kelsey Robinson


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Big news items this week on the USA Volleyball Women's National Team/Volleyball Nations League Update: With Head Coach Karch Kiraly naming the 12-person roster for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Jordan and Kelsey share their thoughts on being repeat Olympians, the roster and the newcomers to start off this week's episode.

As the VNL competition continued the USA WNT has amassed a 9-0 start in dominating fashion. KRob and The Gov discuss the USA's success but also mention that there is still a lot of work to be done. There are still tough matches ahead as rosters update, change and rotate for other teams as we love closer to the "knockout stages" and have the Olympics in sight.

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