Consider Your SELF with Dr. Jada Philips


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In Part 2 of The Visceral Voice's "Consider Your SELF" series, Christine and Kimberly have a conversation with their guest Dr. Jada Philips.
"Hi there, I'm Jada, Dr. Jada Philips! I love food, time with family and friends, experiencing new things, and laughing. I am always smiling! I am a mother, wife, veteran, psychologist, and entrepreneur. Right now, I make every effort to make awesome things happen being a licensed psychologist. I currently work full-time in my newly launched private practice, Reserved For You Psychological Services, LLC. I am a licensed psychologist in both New York and New Jersey. I love to help others work through their challenges so they can start to see just how amazing they are and start enjoying their lives again." Instagram | Website
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