Ep. 527: University of Nevada's CJ Greer (Season Finale!)


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CJ Greer is voice faculty at the University of Nevada, Reno implementing a new Musical Theatre degree program. CJ found her passion in vocal performance and instruction. She carries an MFA in Music Theatre Vocal Pedagogy and MM/Classical from Penn State University, and a BME from the University of Illinois/Champaign-Urbana. CJ has performed and presented around the world as singer, actor, teacher, and conductor with an undying love for storytelling through music. She is faculty for the ‘Bel Canto Can Belto’ workshops and ‘The Broadway Artist Intensive.’ Research interests span from bringing movement and intimacy training practices into the voice studio, to interdisciplinary approaches to vocal performance, to working with the medical field exploring where science and singing can heal. CJ has been featured in Classical Singer magazine, VASTA’s Voice and Speech Review, The Visceral Voice podcast, and is currently finishing her Open Source Forms (OSF) certification. Broadway/National Tour/Regional credits. AEA, MTEA, NATS, VASTA, NYSTA. cjgstudio@gmail.com | https://www.unr.edu/music/faculty/cj-greer
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